Time for Technology?

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In many sports technology plays a big part. Many people now believe that it is time for Football to join this trend and bring in technology.

One of the sports to turn to technology is cricket, where it is used often. Hot Spot, a camera that can detect heat, is used to determine whether the batsman edged the ball or not. Hawk-eye is also used, a piece of technology that can determine the path of the ball in an LBW shout. But teams have to call for a review to use these if they feel the umpire has made a mistake, but they can only have two unsuccessful reviews per innings. In rugby, technology can be used to find out if a try is a try or not. In tennis, a player can appeal whether the ball was in or out.

But FIFA have refused to turn to goal line technology until very recently, a time many believe is too late. The technology is currently in testing in FIFA’s base in Zurich. Sepp Blatter ( see featured photograph) has hinted that goal line technology could be in place in the Premier League as soon as next season.

Many incidents have backed the need for technology, most recently Juan Mata’s goal during the FA Cup semi-final against Tottenham at Wembley. Many angles brought different opinions. From the stands behind the goal in real time, the ball appeared to have crossed the line. But from TV replays the ball seemed to never cross the line. However in the photo on the right, the ball appears to have crossed the line. Despite this the goal was given and Chelsea went on to win 5-1, with the score just 1-0 when the incident took place.

But incidents like this also appear on the world stage, with one event at the front of everyone’s mind. Frank Lampard’s effort against Germany was not given, despite the ball clearly crossing the line by at least a foot! Both the linesman and referee failed to see this and England went on to lose 4-1. At the time of the incident, Germany were leading 2-1.

But is it time for technology, or will it just be under used? It’s down to FIFA to decide.



Ben W, Year 8

Priory LSST Newsroom 

2 Responses to Time for Technology?

  1. Kobe April 18, 2012 at 6:42 am

    Very good article Ben, you have once again taken a subject hot in the news and made it your own. As much as I’d love there to be technology especially goal line, my only concern is it might slow down the game by a considerable. And finally, I hate to be picky the picture is of UEFA president Michel Platini not Sepp Blatter!

    • youngjournalist April 18, 2012 at 7:53 am

      Good spot Kobe – just testing!
      Sepp has now magically appeared.