Medical breakthrough

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Scientists have always had an interest in light and have spent many years trying to find a way of seeing images through frosted glass. Now it seems the answer has been found, which will enable partially sighted people to see clearly.

The research has been done mainly for medical reasons and in the past has led to other breakthroughs such as a camera which can predict what is round a corner based on reflections.

Scientists have now discovered a ‘spatial light modulator’ to “undo” the scattering that makes things opaque or hard appear see through.

Senior author of the study, Prof. Yaron Silberberg said to the BBC, “If you want to look through skin or frosted glass then scattering is the main enemy there.”

Prof. Silberberg and his team then first set up their spatial light modulars (SLMs) by shining light from a lamp, through a scattered looking piece of plastic film and then allowed their computer to tune the image of the lamp through the piece of plastic film.

Prof. Silberberg said after, “What we have shown is that you don’t need lasers – everybody else was doing this with lasers, and we showed you can do it with incoherent light from a lamp or the Sun – natural light.”

So now that they have been able to do this, it shows a bright and promising future for the partially sighted people.

Allix, Year 8

North Kesteven School

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