Film Review: Hitchcock

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Hitchcock could possibly be one of the greatest insights of the life of an award-winning director.  The film shows how his passion for film-making almost cost him his wife, his home and his friends, as he squirmed to fund one of his greatest films ‘Psycho’, and how things aren’t so glamorous for the rich and famous.

Set in 1959, the famous director struggles to find a movie idea, that is until he reads the book ‘Psycho’ by Robert Bloch. Whilst reading the book he is visited by his wife (Alma) who has a manuscript of a movie, which was given to her by her close friend and possible love interest Whitfield Cook. However Hitchcock, who is enticed in the book he is reading, refuses to look over it and convinces her that the next film he would be working on would be based around the novel he is reading.

The next day he visits Paramount and pitches his idea, unfortunately the bosses refuse to fund the film claiming that Hitchcock is ‘too old’ to be making movies. Hitchcock then tells his wife, who agrees to mortgage their house to fund the movie. He is then told that he must follow certain rules in order for the movie to be screened, which he doesn’t stick to.

His wife then begins to write a book with Whitfield who takes her to his holiday home to write. After a few days of writing, Alma lets her husband read the book. He tells her he dislikes it and criticizes the plot and the characters. Alma flees to Whitfield, who she finds having an affair with an unknown woman. Alma goes back to Hitchcock and is determined to make this movie great in order to get back at her cheating friend.

After spending hours editing the film, Alma distributes the film to theatres across America and ‘Psycho’ becomes a great hit with audiences.

The end credits tell us that he went on to create six more amazing films, none of them, however, became as great as ‘Psycho’.


Calvin, Year 10

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