Despicable Me- Film Review

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This is surely one of my favorite films I have ever watched and so will it be for you. All the enjoyment and laughter will be brought back watching this film. I hope you enjoy it!

An evil mastermind has stolen the pyramids of Gaza but unfortunately it’s not Dr. Gru (another evil mastermind). Gru needs to act fast but can his mum finally be proud of her own child?

Behind the voice of Gru, Steve Carell surely made a great achievement by the funny accent of Dr. Gru. He said that being in the recording room all alone was like a “vaccum” and was “scary” but even though Steve feared he wasn’t going  to get this right, he gave an excellent performance.

Carrying on, Dr. Gru has adopted some children to help him with his evil plan but has Gru has gone too far with his adopted children and is he not concentrating on his plan to capture the moon? Agnes who is one of the adopted children is voiced by a 3 year old, Elsie Fisher who is said to be the most adorable character in the movie.

Elsie is also said to be popular for the most favorite line in the movie which is- “It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!” The video on YouTube has got more than 2 million views!

If you want to find whether Dr. Gru steals the moon, watch the movie and enjoy the excitement! Discover the most adorable character Agnes and even more adventures that lay for Dr. Gru.

Zakia, Yr.8

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  1. Amelia June 18, 2015 at 1:39 pm

    I love the minion movies I have watched all of the movies so many times I cannot even count!! What I love most about them is the comedy expecally the minions!!!