Uprising for Black Ops 2

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On Tuesday 16th April 2013, Uprising came out for Black Ops 2 and is the most fan-centric downloadable map pack they’ve ever made. The first multiplayer map is Magma; a volcano erupted in the middle of Japan and has confronted most of the map. You need to watch your step or you’re going to get burnt. This is the also first map that introduces lava as an environmental hazard.

Encore is a concert hall set in London; this map is quite big and is filled with high vantage points. If you’re on the stage you’re dominating the centre of the map. This map is really funky and could be bigger.

Vertigo is a skyscraper in America which is owned by the company who made the drones in the campaign. This map is an all-in map yet if you hug the walls, watch yourself because there’s not much room on the edge, mistakes will be made.

Black OpsStudio is a remake of an old map called firing range. It’s set in Hollywood, California and has 4 different movie scenes. Alien Attack, Pirate Land, Jurassic Park, Western Saloon and a Medieval Castle. This map is small but very fun at the same time.

Mob of the Dead is set in Alcatraz prison in an island off San Francisco and in the 1920’s with actors as the main characters like  Finn O’Leary, Billy Manson, Sal di Luca and Arthur Arlington AKA The Weasel. This has a new perk called Electric Cherry, a new boss who locks down perks and the mystery gun box. There is also a new mode called Afterlife which includes an electric ghost and new traps like the tower trap, the acid spray trap and the fan trap. In this map, you can build a plane and fly to the Golden Gate Bridge and can upgrade your guns. You also see a sign that says no one escapes alive (which is true, some inmates tried building a makeshift plane and fly of the island yet they couldn’t launch it. Its also true that no one escaped alive from Alcatraz).

Overall this downloadable content is very good and costs £10.

By Jamie

NK News Team


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  1. Paper Marcus May 2, 2013 at 4:29 pm

    thats epic! getting asap

  2. jamie May 13, 2013 at 7:42 am

    iknow its a great downloadable content

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  4. Toby and Harvey November 26, 2014 at 1:05 pm

    great article