BFI Film Academy

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The British Film Institute with CfBT Education Trust have been running workshops in collaboration the University of Lincoln for the past 2 months as part of the BFI Film Academy project.

These workshops have given young people from all over Lincolnshire the chance to write, film and produce creative films with state of the art technology to create television worthy pieces. When YJA visited the set of one such film, called ‘The Delivery’, it was laden with lighting rigs, boom microphones and cameras on tracks to capture every moment of the action. With a CLAP of the clapperboard, the drama started, and quiet on set for the following movie to be produced.

Props on set were big for this production, as we discovered when we took a look into the studio and saw the second scene being shot. YJA was lucky enough to catch one of the play’s writers, Anna from Boston High School, when she had a moment free of her busy schedule, and we asked her what the main story line was in the film. “It’s all about an older sister and a younger sister who live together. They have a mysterious, weird neighbour and a parcel comes for him and is left with the girls. They have a suspicion that it is something dangerous, and they want to know what it is.” You’ll have to watch ‘The Delivery’ to see what the suspicious box contains!

The actors were put through take after take, so after a busy day at the set, they deserve a break. “And CUT!”

By Georgina and Emily

NK School

‘The Delivery’ is due to be screened at the University of Lincoln in the next few months. 

Take a peek behind the scenes in this short film (you’ll need access to YouTube to watch it)

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  1. Mrs Bell May 13, 2013 at 10:00 am

    This sounds a great film and well done to Anna for winning the competition to write the script. Let’s hope everyone will get a chance to see the film!