Six black tipped reef sharks move into their new home

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6 Black tipped reef sharks have been moved from Weymouth to Manchester this week in a bid to help with breeding as numbers are becoming low.

Staff at the Manchester Aquarium have been planning the move for quite some time now and Chris Brown, Curator of the Aquarium in Manchester told CBBC, “I started planning this project about a year ago, we started taking the sharks about 8pm and we finished about 9am in the morning. It has been a full on day!”

The sharks eat small bony fish, squid, octopus and crustaceans. Black tipped sharks live in the Pacific and the Indian Ocean amongst tropical coral reefs. They normally grow to about 1.6 metres in length and although they have been known to attack humans it is mainly because they have mistaken the legs of humans wading in the water for food, the species of shark is normally easily scared off and locals will normally swim instead of walking in the water.

By Xanthia and Erin

Bourne Westfield Academy Newsroom