Premier League – A New Era?

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I’m going home, well, I’m going inside for a while first

This was a line from Sir Alex Ferguson’s speech to the Manchester United fans that had gathered at Old Trafford for final his home game against Swansea last week. Since Alex Ferguson announced his retirement, the media has been filled with stories about how so many will miss him, whether they are Manchester United fans or not. But is that really the case, or are other clubs relieved that after 26 long years of Fergie Time, they might actually get a look in at some long lasting success?

The former United boss will be replaced with David Moyes (who managed Everton before being appointed Manchester United Manager. Moyes’ old job may be filled with Darren Ferguson (Sir Alex’s son). There is also a very high chance of Jose Mourinho coming back to English football and beginning a second spell as Chelsea manager next season along with Manuel Pellegrini, the former Malaga Manager, who will Roberto Mancini as Manchester City manager. Could the Premier League be entering a new, more even era?

Wigan Athletic is another common name leaving the premier league this season as the club was relegated when they were beaten in their penultimate Premier League 2013 game against Arsenal, despite beating Manchester City in the FA Cup final the previous weekend.

Many will remember Hull City being in the Premier League. Well now they are back, they earned an automatic promotion place after coming second in the championship; Cardiff City came first also gaining an automatic promotion. The playoff final will be held on Monday the 27th of May between Watford and Crystal Palace for the final promotion place.

With new managers, teams and of course undoubtedly new players coming to the premier league new season, a new Premier League awaits….

By Chetan

Priory LSST