Book Review: Chasing Daisy

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Chasing Daisy is a definitely a book you will not be able to down on your summer holidays.

This book is perfect to read around the pool in the summer. Chasing Daisy has had excellent reviews from top named authors including Marianne Keyes, who says, “You will never put it down”.

The story is based around a girl called Daisy who is fed up of people (especially boys) letting her down. So she decides to see the world by joining the catering company for the Formula 1 Grand Prix team. From Brazil to Monte Carlo to Spain back to Great Britain this whirlwind novel will get you hooked from the start. Daisy finally finds romance but is it what it cracked up to be?

Paige Toon writes her books for teenage girls. Paige has written more books including Lucy in the Sky, Pictures of Lily and the Longest Holiday. Her books are exceptionally written and highly addictive.

Daisy is a loveable character and you will get sucked into her life.. This book is a real page turner with twists and turns from every angle which will leave you wanting more. Overall an amazing read and captures what true love and romance really is.

By Ellie

Priory Academy LSST