Moshi Monsters: The Frosty Games are here!

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Moshi Monsters is a popular children’s game that has been going since December 2007! But this time in Monstro City, the first ever Moshi Frosty Games!
If you don’t already know, Moshi Monsters is an online virtual game where you can adopt a virtual monster, care for it, chat with new friends, play games and solve puzzles.
Whatever monster you are you are winning points for your Monster type in The Frosty Games! Your Monster is either a Katsuma, Poppet, Luvli, Furi, Diavlo or Zommer!
In this year’s freezing cold Frosty Games, four events are taking place: Beanstalk bounce (out now), Ice Scream! (out Feb 19th), Thump a Glump (out Feb 26th) and Bug rush (out March 5th)!
In issue 39 of Moshi Magazine, Katsuma and Furi had an argument about who was going to win The Frosty Games 2014!
Katsuma said, “The Katsuma’s are gonna hii-ya to the highest score”! Furi then added, “No Way! The Furi’s are going to win!”
Go to to adopt your monster (or login) and play The Frosty Games!

Aiden, Year 5
Heighington Millfield Primary Academy

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  1. Sofia Edwards February 16, 2014 at 8:13 pm

    Well it seems that there is great games