Bright future for Walton Girls Student

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Ellie Mackintosh, not a name that you recognise right? Well you might be hearing a lot more from her in the future after starring in two national television advertising campaigns in the past two months.

Her first job being an exciting role in the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio Tour advert, taking a ‘selfie’ on screen with her friend also starring in the advert. When she started acting at AGF performing arts in Nottingham aged 9 she knew she wanted to pursue performing as a career. “Pretty much as soon as I started performing I knew that it was something that had sparked a passion in me and I wanted to see where it took me.”

Ellie is registered with Spotlight, an agency in London, and she told the YJA Newsroom “New auditions arise all the time but I never expected it would lead to two consecutive jobs!” Obviously overjoyed at the opportunity, she put her all into the auditions and and got a callback within a week for both jobs.

Ellie’s most recent job, the latest Morrisons advert, she describes as “surreal” and “an amazing opportunity.” Her role in the advert was to eat a ham sandwich, after spending about 5 hours on set she got through 30 ham sandwiches! Her favourite part she said was the attention to detail and also being very well looked after, “Everyone always asking if I needed anything, it kind of made you feel like a star.”

During the interview we asked if there was anything funny or strange that happened on set. Ellie said that on set for the Morrisons ad there was a guy whose job it was to make the perfect ham sandwich for her to eat on screen. “This guy was just sat at a table constantly making these amazing looking sandwiches for me to eat, luckily I only had to take a bite from each one”.

Walton Girls’ Newsroom