Snapping at Hammersmith

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Weekend spent in Hammersmith at one of the Army Cadet Force’s training centres. As I’m often asked to photograph cadet events, I was lucky enough to be invited on a course about photography. (Yes, one is never too old to learn!)

s2Sharing a small dormitory with 10 guys certainly makes you appreciate home comforts, although I’m certain to miss the bacon and eggs to kick start a day.

With some time to spare, travelled across London on the Number 10 bus, which was diverted away from its normal route so I missed the fab view of The Royal Albert Hall. This was because many thousands of Sikhs were involved in a protest march in Hyde Park.

They claim that that thousands of Sikhs were murdered some 30 years ago, when Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi sent the army into Sikhism’s holiest shrine, the Golden Temple, to capture militants.

The BBC have reported that British Sikhs have also been angered by the revelation in previously secret papers published by the UK government in January, which suggest that an SAS officer was recruited to help plan the operation.

Well, as my bus inched along its makeshift route along Bayswater Road, I got a great view of a truly colourful, but seemingly peaceful, procession.

(Having had a kind of military weekend, the march did remind me that during the great days of the Indian Empire, Sikh soldiers were highly regarded by British officers for their martial prowess and bravery.)

Anyway, looking forward to spending a lot of time at Siren FM this week, as many of our Lincoln schools are involved in radio workshops at Siren’s Lincoln University base. Our Young Journalists are in for a treat!