The Spelling Bee

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A spelling bee is a competition in which contestants are asked to spell a wide selection of words in a versus style challenge against an opponent.

Spelling Bees are very popular in the USA where the competition gets really intense and is the subject of nationwide interest by the time it reaches the final stages. The semis and Finals are televised Live. Students from countries such as The Bahamas, Canada, the People’s Republic of China, Ghana, Japan, Jamaica, Mexico, and New Zealand have also competed in recent years. The winning word from 2014’s competition was Knaidel this is a type of dumpling eaten in Jewish households during Passover.

Since 1994, the television channel ESPN has shown the later rounds of the bee, since 2006, earlier rounds have aired on ESPN during the day, and the Championship Finals have aired in the evening on ESPN. Walton girls’ have held their very own spelling bee against all the houses, the winner of year 7 was Charlotte Prime from Grimsthorpe house. Miss Leonard was very excited and was really pleased with Grimsthorpe House when she found out that Charlotte had won. “Charlotte performed so well under pressure, I am very pleased for her.”

When we spoke to Charlotte Prime she said that she was excited and a little embarrassed because everyone kept clapping for her in classes and form time! Charlotte also said, “I am very happy because I am earning lots of points to keep Grimsthorpe in the lead!”

The winning and the hardest word Charlotte spelt was ‘exasperating’.
Sophie, Year 7
Walton Newsroom