Pop Ratings

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Music videos will soon be given an age limit to stop younger viewers seeing inappropriate content through the most common video streaming websites like YouTube and VEVO.

Major record labels such as Sony, Universal and Warner will also be part of the scheme, passing on content they think should be looked at by the BBFC (British Board of Film Classification). Although it will only apply to music acts signed to UK record labels.

Prime Minister David Cameron announced this in August and that they were being placed to protect children from unsuitable content. This also provides an option for parents to have guidance on what their children should watch. Online censorship

It has been estimated that around 20% of music videos posted in the last three months will now have ratings on them. The rating will work like in a cinema. This will mean they will be starting from a 12 ranging up to an 18, if it is appropriate and has been seen by the BBFC.

David Austin an Assistant Director of the BBFC told MSN News, “Parents are eager to have more input over the types of content their children access, particularly online. By applying understood and trusted BBFC age ratings to online music videos this is a vital step in meeting this demand for choice and child protection.”

Any young people reading this I like to know your views on this, will it affect what you are able to normally watch on-line?

Sophie, Yr9

Walton Girls’ Newsroom

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