Record-breaking night for Children in Need

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Many of our young people are suffering from all sorts of diseases and disadvantages. The BBC’s charity, Children in Need, asks the public to give money to improve the lives of children all across the UK and last night a staggering sum of over £32 million was pledged.

During the TV broadcast, we saw children suffering from the loss of family they loved and cherished. Everyone, at some point, loses someone special in their lives and nobody likes it, but a portion of our money that we raise will help people get through it. Watched by over 8 million viewers, the programme helped that little bit more.

One Direction sang their newest song and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini performed too. Gareth Malone produced a choir of children, TV stars and people who had never sung before and they blew everyone’s minds.

Another children’s choir, 630 strong, sung their hearts out as well.

Cheryl told Ellie’s story about how we could change the life of a little girl by donating some money. “It’s  about a little girl Ellie who got very ill and had to go to a hospice. I’m asking you to stay strong now and stay with this film. Yes, it’s upsetting but it is so important because the hospice relies on donations to exist,” she said.

It was heart-warming and it was hard not to shed a tear too when One Direction told the story of Ryan Smith, who suffered brain damage, after being knocked off his bike by a car. We witnessed his gradual progress, now back in his Skegness home he improves daily but he still has a long, long way to go. His story was truly inspiring.

A parent said, “It was upsetting to hear so many sad stories but hopefully all the money raised will help make a difference and bring some happiness to lots of people.”

In the end we all raised an amazing record-breaking £32,620,469 pounds for Children in Need, so, in a way, we’re all heroes.


Amelia, Year 5

Heighington Millfield Primary Academy