Will beavers help solve UK flooding problems?

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The Wildlife Trusts are at the forefront of bringing back beavers and the lost landscapes that were once their home.

b1In the 16th century, the species of Eurasian beavers were hunted; their numbers getting extremely low until they became extinct in the UK. It wasn’t just a loss of the beavers, but a loss of the beautiful landscape that they created within the rivers.

Beavers are known as ‘keystone’ species because of the massive effect they have on the environment in which they live and some call them ‘engineers’ due to the brilliant work they do to the landscape. This is why the Wildlife Trusts are bringing back the once loved beavers to their old homes.

The organisation this will reduce the regular flooding we have in some parts of the country. The beavers would build dams as parts of their homes and this would slow down the water, reducing the risk of flooding downstream and ensuring a more constant flow of water during drier periods.

These mammals are completely herbivores and won’t eat fish that flow in their habitat. Therefore, we are helping the beavers, and the beavers are helping us.

A landscape with wild beavers re-established is wonderful to experience. Beavers would bring our streams, rivers and wetland habitats back to life, managing them perfectly for wildlife and people.” – Adrian Lloyd Jones, Welsh Beaver Project.

To find out more about the beavers, click here.


India, Year 7

Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar, Alford

2 Responses to Will beavers help solve UK flooding problems?

  1. Charlie December 11, 2014 at 2:44 pm

    Great article India! I hope the beavers do solve the UK floods!

  2. Amelia December 11, 2014 at 2:59 pm

    I never thought that beavers would be able to reduce flooding here in the UK!