‘The Square Bears’ perform live

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New upcoming band perform live

Earlier this month, new band ‘The Square Bears’ performed live in the Black Studio, Lincoln. They performed several sixties songs starting with ‘What becomes of the broken hearted’ followed by ‘Can’t turn you loose’ and finally ‘I just can’t help myself’. The lead singer performed excellently and due to this everybody was cheering at the end of the three songs. In the band there was a keyboard player, a bass guitar player, a rhythm guitar player and a lead guitar player. Every band member gave an incredible performance.

The Square Bears are a recently formed band. The band members have come together through their college course and they will soon be performing more gigs around the Lincoln area.

Everyone in the room loved their brilliant performance and they were sat there smiling through the whole thing. Excitement was high and the band were giving it all they had. To add to the atmosphere, they used a smoke machine and a lighting display. The band showed their real passion for music and were enjoying the performance just as much as the audience were.

The lead singer of the band said, “I was very excited and filled with adrenaline! It was great to see so many people joining in and enjoying the night.”

The performance was brilliant and ended on a high as there were whistles and claps that filled the room with the sound of achievement. Some of the audience loved it so much that they got up and danced at the front. ‘The Square Bears’ were the stars of the show and showed real talent.

An audience member said, “A truly fantastic performance. I hope to see more of ‘The Square Bears’ in future events. I think they will go very far in the world”.

Another commented, “It was an awesome night, ‘The Square Bears’ have lots of talent. They will go a long way.”

One thing is certain, ‘The Square Bears’ will be back and I for one can’t wait!


Georgia, Year 7

Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar, Alford