Dolphins Protect Swimmer from Great White Shark

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s1Adam Walker, from Newark on Trent, is one of the country’s best-ever long distance swimmers and has been nominated for the 2014 World Open Water Swimming Association ‘Man of The Year’ Award. However his 2014 season will always be remembered not for his aquatic exploits but for when a pod of dolphins protected him from a killer shark!

The amazing event occurred in New Zealand, when he was swimming across the 16 mile-wide Cook Straight. During the crossing of the freezing waters he looked down and saw a Great White shark just below him!

Incredibly, a pod of ten dolphins then appeared to provide an escort. The group stayed with him for an hour until the shark left. He went on to complete the swim in eight hours 36 minutes.

“It would be nice to think the dolphins stayed with me and were thinking ‘We’ll just help our pal get through,’ ” Adam said.

He later posted on Facebook: “I’d like to think they were protecting me and guiding me home! This swim will stay with me forever.”

Adam has now completed the last leg of the Ocean’s Seven Mission, which included swimming the Molokai Channel, the English Channel, the Catalina Channel, the Tsugaru Strait, the Strait of Gibraltar, the Irish Channel and Cook Straight. He started the challenge some seven years ago.

The swim with the dolphins has been a big YouTube hit.

One reviewer commented: “Dolphins are intelligent animals and I believe they were protecting him, as they are well aware of the nature of sharks. What an awesome story.”

Another said: “Dolphins are amazing, intelligent creatures, truly benevolent. Staying with the swimmer for over an hour until the shark left was no coincidence; they were protecting him. Let’s all do the same for them, shall we?”

Click here to see how the dolphins protected him.

The swimming star has raised over £15,000 for charity, including Make A Wish Foundation, Whale and Dolphin Conservation and SportsAid.





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    Oh my gosh, amazing article.