Girl Inspires YouTube Help for the Deaf

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The popular YouTuber – Tyler Oakley – has close captioned all of his videos so that deaf people everywhere can watch his content.

RPHe was inspired to do this by a brave girl named Rikki Poynter who, in her video, asked people to raise awareness for closed captioning on YouTube. She explained how subtitled videos are useful “not only for the deaf or hard of hearing, but for people who are learning English, those with auditory processing disorder and simply just people who prefer to read instead of listen”.

So far a large amount of YouTubers have begun close captioning their content along with Tyler Oakley who subtitled all of his work and made a video to help the campaign for more deaf accessibility on YouTube. His video (called ‘Hear Me Out’) so far has had over 700,000 views.

Tyler, who has over 6 million subscribers on his main channel, stated in the video “the fact that now millions and millions and millions more people can actually enjoy my content is a cool thing and I don’t want everyone to feel like this is a place where only certain people can come and be a community”.

Hopefully, if more vloggers contribute to Rikky’s mission, then perhaps YouTube could be a more welcoming place for deaf people all around the globe.


Sophie, Year 7

Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar, Alford