Taylor Swift parody becomes a Blank Space

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YouTube star Shane Dawson, famous for his jokey takes on popular songs and movie trailers, was recently told to remove his latest Taylor Swift parody from his channel by her record label. Sony weren’t happy with parts of the ‘Blank Space’ parody video and so reported it to YouTube and had it blocked.

Sony didn't approve of Dawson's Taylor Swift parody

Sony didn’t approve of Dawson’s Taylor Swift parody

Shane posted a video to explain to his fans why it had to be removed to explain that Sony emailed him and told him to either edit the parts Sony didn’t like or remove the entire video.  Shane was happy with the video and didn’t want to edit the parts Sony didn’t like so he deleted the video completely.

In his film about removing the parody, Shane explained, “They’re using the fact it’s a copywritten song, you can’t do a copywritten song”.  He also stated, “It is too gross. It is too violent. It’s just like ‘ew.  But it’s not copywritten because it’s a parody. If parodies were copywritten … all of my other parodies … would be deleted.”

The removal of the parody prompted many of Shane’s fans to take to social media asking for the video to be put back onto YouTube but the ban hasn’t been lifted yet.

By Ellie

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  1. Eleanor February 3, 2015 at 1:41 pm

    Brilliant article Ellie! I wonder why Sony didn’t like it.