Famous Paintings have been ‘Minecraftified’

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Paintings and other pieces of art like sculptures from Tate Gallery have been made into Minecraft worlds by a team of Minecraft experts.

Some paintings, such as the painting ‘Soul of the Soulless City’ by Christopher Nevinson, have been made into maps which you can play in on Minecraft.

Jane Burton, Creative Director of Tate Media, said to BBC News: “Visitors will see a white cube which represents the Tate Gallery, you walk through the door with the painting in front of you.” She continued to say, “What you can do now is walk right up to the painting, and literally into it, you jump into it, and that’s where your adventure begins.”

The Pool of London 1906 Other paintings, such as ‘The Pool of London’ by Andre Derain, can be explored on foot, looking around at the many different Minecraft blocks which have been used to create the Tate Worlds, as the Minecraft maps have been named. pool of liverpool minecraft version

A vast majority of the Minecraft worlds have been created with the help of the builder’s imagination, as lots of the buildings featured in the worlds have been fully furnished with the many decorations available on this inspiring game.

By Freya, Year 7.

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