YJA revisits the plight of the pangolin

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Pangolins are being eaten to extinction. These small scaly creatures, sometimes called the scaly anteater, are located in Africa and Asia. But for how much longer?

If you have read my previous article on these poor creatures you will know that they are endangered and they could very possibly become extinct unless they are helped.

Pangolins are usually 50-60 centimetres long and weigh about 17 kilograms. If they’re lucky, they get to live for around 20 years. To compensate for having no teeth, they have long, sticky tongues that are perfect for dining on ants and termites.

The remarkable creatures are still being hunted down and being exported to China and Vietnam to be eaten. It is shocking how selfish humans can be to the other poor species that inhabit this world.

Prince William said recently, “The pangolin runs the risk of becoming extinct before most people have even heard of them.”

Pangolins are still the world’s most trafficked animal. Destined for food markets, they arrive, typically, in one-ton crates. The pangolins come dead or alive; they are all carelessly thrown into the crate for the living to be horribly murdered by the waiting chefs.

“The numbers of pangolins traded are shocking, and all the more so considering the pharmaceutical pointlessness of the trade. This trade is intolerably wasteful,” said Prof Macdonald, director of the University of Oxford’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit.

Humans are rapidly killing out many species and it needs to stop.


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Freddie, YJA Nature Correspondent

Year 7, Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar, Alford

One Response to YJA revisits the plight of the pangolin

  1. Beck February 21, 2015 at 2:01 pm

    it’s shocking too see that pangolins are being hunted that way 🙁
    Great article