Meadows report to the school

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The YJA Newsroom at The Meadows Primary school in Lincoln got asked by their Head to come up with something that could be played in assemblies on Fridays when parents and friends of the school come in.

The team decided that filming a round up of school news and events was the best way forward. Check out their 1st news report that was broadcast last week. The school loved it. YJA team member Logan said, “It was a bit nerve racking to show the whole school what we had done but it went really well and we are already planning our next Meadows News Broadcast!”

One Response to Meadows report to the school

  1. Sarah March 17, 2015 at 1:00 pm

    Great idea Meadows news team, your report is really packed full of information! I’m not surprised that your school loved it.
    Sarah, YJA Co-Editor