Boy Saved from the Rubble of Nepal

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A boy’s been saved from under collapsed building in Nepal










In Nepal a teenager has been saved from a building collapsed on him, he was stuck under there for 5 days! The Nepal earthquake has resulted in the death of thousands of people, the latest count being 5,844. Rescue workers from the US worked for hours on end to help teenager Pemba Lama from dying under a collapsed building.

Nepal has suffered its worst earthquake in decades


After surviving for five days, Pemba was prised from the debris using a car jack. To the cheers of a huge crowd, the emergency team quickly sent him off for treatment. This was a rare moment of celebration as there are still many more people trapped and dying in Nepal but hope is diminishing of finding more survivors.

Nepal has suffered its worst earthquake in decades. Anyone wishing to make a donation to the Nepal Earthquake Appeal should ring this number: 0800 8148 148

Charlie, Year 6

Heighington Millfield Primary Academy