YJA tackles Rugby League

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The main RAF website’s rugby league page states: ‘Every season the focus is on winning the Inter Services, developing players, maintaining a strong fixture list and providing an environment that allows the players to express themselves and feel proud to be representing the Royal Air Force.’ Whilst reporting on the 2-day UPS event at RAF College Cranwell, YJA bumped into some of the RAF’s national squad team members.

Although they were very friendly, it was not too difficult to imagine them battling away in muscular fashion against their inter-service rivals.

The RAF, army and navy have teams for men, women and veterans. These services compete against each other every year but they also play friendly matches just for ‘fun’.

Eleanor, a Year 7 journalist from Alford’s Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar, was interested to learn that they all work for the RAF in some way but connect with their passion for rugby. They were kind enough to take a break from their vigorous training to chat with her about their love for the sport.


Listen to what they had to say about playing rugby league:

One Response to YJA tackles Rugby League

  1. admin May 1, 2015 at 5:56 pm

    I thought you were very brave to get your interview, Eleanor! Although they look pretty tough, they seem a great bunch of lads. Would definitely want them on my side!

    YJA Senior Editor