Going up the Ranks

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I’m part of 47F (founder squadron) and last week I was interviewed for the position of Corporal for the Air Training Corps (ATC) or more commonly known as the Air Cadets.

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Drill Training!

As well as a rather nerve racking interview it also consists of a drill test. The drill test must be completed firstly on a 1-on-1 basis then to the whole squad. To pass this section you must be able to confidently issue marching commands that the squadron understand and then perform.

Each cadet goes through a formal interview in which you get asked about the RAF (Royal Air Force) and the ATC. You also get given a scenario, for example if a cadet is being bullied by another cadet and they come to you as their NCO and tell you, what would you do?

Normally you would take this issue to a senior NCO and report it and if this still continues you should go and tell Staff (Staff are non uniformed adults that assist the squadran as well as C.I which are civilian instructors)

A normal week at Cadets consists of lessons is Aviation, field craft and map and compass skills. For those that really want to further themselves there is the option of taking a BTEC in Aviation.

photo 2

Testing our skills in the field

It’s not all lessons and drill training though. Soon we will all attend The Meres Leisure Centre for Wing athletics where all squadron’s from across the region compete against each other. There is also Wing Field day where you get the chance to try out pigeon shooting, shooting and team tent building challenges.

If you are interested in joining the Cadets then why not have a look at what they get up to in more detail on their website.

Harriet, Year 10

St Hugh’s Newsroom