Alton Towers closes after accident

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HAlton Towers has been temporarily closed whilst an investigation takes place to discover why a rollercoaster crashed leaving four people with serious injuries.

The fun park’s ‘Smiler’ ride unexpectedly crashed causing serious injuries to four people and making 12 others requiring medical attention. On the ride there were 16 people who were not injured that had to be rescued from the cars, which were 25 foot in the air facing down at around a 45-degree angle.

Some people were unable to be rescued until 4 hours after the accident took place.

Nick Varney, chief executive at Merlin Entertainments, said “Our business is about giving people memorable experiences with the emphasis on safety and yesterday something dreadful happened.”

The crash took place because two cars were on the same piece of track.

Nick Varney also said, “Those two cars should not have been on the same piece of track. Technically that should not have happened. There are braking locks that should stop two cars being on the same section of track and somehow that didn’t work the way it was meant to.”

This is the second occasion when this £18 million has been closed due to health and safety. This is worrying but hopefully this is the last time the ride has any issues.


Freddie, YJA Correspondent

Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar, Alford


One Response to Alton Towers closes after accident

  1. James July 12, 2017 at 8:47 am

    This accident will leave a permanent scar on Alton Towers’ reputation, one which they will find difficult to recover from soon.