Festival 800: Official Launch Day!

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With Festival Director David Lambert

Festival800 is an eclectic, creative and cultural response to the 800 year journey from Magna Carta to the present day and today saw the official launch of what will be an exciting ten days of events and activities around Lincoln.

In the shadow of the amazing sand sculpture, depicting the sealing of the Magna Carta by King John in 1215, hundreds of people gathered inside the walls of Lincoln Castle as artists, councillors and the Festival800 Director spoke to the expectant crowd about what they can expect from Festival800. For more information on the events click here.


Cllr Colin Davies holding the signed Anne Frank Declaration

Cllr Colin Davies also signed the Anne Frank Declaration by the sand sculpture (where an image of Anne Frank has been sculpted). The declaration states that;

  • We will stand up for what is right and support those who speak out against what is unfair and wrong
  • We will try to defend the rights of those who cannot defend themselves
  • We will strive for a world in which everyone is treated fairly and has an equal chance of life.

Our reporter was there to interview all the key people involved in Festival800 and you can watch her report below or by clicking here