Festival800: “Our Auntie Rosa” – Rosa Parks

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YJA sat down with Sheila McCauley Keys, niece of Rosa Parks, to discuss her book “Our Auntie Rosa” and why it was important to attend Festival800.

We all know that Rosa Parks was sitting in the coloured section of a nearly empty Montgomery, Alabama, city bus and refused to move further back when the bus driver asked her to.

For years, Rosa’s public persona has been that of a shy, stoic and genteel woman who was simply tired that day and quietly said “no” when asked to move.

Last night we welcomed Sheila McCauley Keys, niece of Rosa Parks and Eddie B Allen to Lincoln’s LPAC. Sheila shared her memories of the woman who was not only the mother of the civil rights movement but a nurturing mother figure to all her family.

Her brave act on a bus in December 1955, was just one moment in a life lived with great humility and decency. This was Sheila McCauley Keys and Eddie B. Allen’s only European appearance.

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We also chatted with award winning reporter Eddie B. Allen who reported in the funeral of Rosa Parks and ghost wrote “Our Auntie Rosa” with the Parks family.

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