Jamie Oliver’s Sugar Rush

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We all know Jamie Oliver as a famous TV chef who has lots of restaurants dotted around the country. Now, in his campaign known as ‘Jamie’s Sugar Rush’ he’s using his popularity to highlight the dangers of having too much sugar in our diets.

His website states:

This year my team and I started looking into sugar consumption and what we found led me to film a TV documentary that shows just how devastating the effects of consuming too much sugar can be. I have witnessed enough to give me a solid determination that we have to take action.

He is putting a sugar ‘tax’ on all fizzy drinks he sells; for example if he charged £1 for coke customers would pay an extra 10p, which would fund food education for children and similar health initiatives. Read more here.

sugarHidden sugar is everywhere and can be the main problem in child diabetes type two.

A big problem is the way supermarkets target children with their advertising. So called ‘healthy’ bars can be full of sugar but who bothers to read the label for the level of sugar content?

Jamie plans to inform the local councils and the government about his project and hopes they put a tax on sugar-filled products in shops.

One passionate supporter of this project said, “It is vital to teach our children the importance of a low sugar diet.”

To join the Sugar rush with Jamie, go to his website where you can support his mission to take action against the role sugar is playing in rising global health problems.


By Darcey, Year 6

Heighington Millfield Primary Academy


STOP PRESS Click here for Jamie’s petition update.

3 Responses to Jamie Oliver’s Sugar Rush

  1. Sam September 14, 2015 at 6:51 pm

    Excellent feature Darcey. I am guilty of enjoying a spoon of sugar in my tea. I have tried to cut down on sweet things but the lure of cake and chocolate is often too much for me to ignore!

    Hidden sugars in drinks and so called ‘healthy bars’ is frightening though and being a father to a 5yr old I’m always checking the labels on snacks and treats.

    Keep up the good journalism work.

    YJA Managing Editor

  2. Laura September 17, 2015 at 1:10 pm

    Great article Darcey.

  3. Darcey September 21, 2015 at 5:09 pm


    The government have declined the offer of the sugar rush but there is still a tax on all the fizzy drinks in Jamie’s restaurants.