Does Technology help kids learn?

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A recent investigation has revealed that technology in schools such as laptops and tablets do not improve students results.

Research from the OECD [The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development] shows that people who have access to modern technology do not receive better or higher results than people who have restricted access.

Research was carried out within schools and found that the children who had invested in modern gadgets had no noticeable rise in grades in English, Maths or Science.


Students seem to like the ability to research things for themselves.

Speaking with Harriet from Walton Girls’ High School she said, “I think that technology is useful as it gives you a wider range of research options and it is easier to access than going to the library all the time. For example, if I don’t understand a word I am reading, instead of looking for it in a dictionary I can look it up on the internet.”

The report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development examines the impact of school technology on international test results, such as the Pisa tests taken in more than 70 countries and tests measuring digital skills.

It says education systems which have invested heavily in information and communications technology have seen “no noticeable improvement” in Pisa test results for reading, mathematics or science.

Interested to see what a teacher thought on the subject we spoke to Miss Elson a Teacher at Walton said “It comes in two parts. In one way its good because it can give students a wide variety of information quickly, but can also be distracting as you cannot closely monitor what students are doing at all times.”

What do you think? Should technology be used in the classroom?
Do you use Technology in your school, if so is it monitored?

Sophie & Mia, Year 9

Walton Newsroom

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