The Crybabies of Sport

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4Why do football players show their fear and rugby players don’t?

Many sport fans wonder why football players show their fears and rugby players don’t, is it that footballers feel pain more acutely or do they just dive and fake? Everyone has different answers to that.

One of the reasons rugby players don’t cry like babies when they go down is because although they’re hurting they don’t want their opponent to think they’re weak or scared.

Although footballers need to be supremely fit to play at the top level, they don’t need to be as strong as rugby players because of the nature of the collisions. Rugby is extremely physical and players, especially the forwards, need to have plenty of muscle bulk to survive and make the hits.

t1For some reason, Latin footballers seem to be the worst at over reacting, often with the aim of getting someone sent off. Their powers of recovery being quite remarkable! They have become the crybabies of sport and there’s no shortage of them in the Premier League.

Sam Burgess, up until recently a member of the England rugby team, once played a rugby league match with a broken jaw, as did the Wales rugby coach Shaun Edwards.

Of course, not all footballers are crybabies. Manchester City goalkeeper, Bert Trautman once played in a FA Cup Final with a broken neck – but that was in 1956!


Josh, Year 6

Heighington Millfield Primary Academy





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