One of the world’s last Northern White Rhinos dies in the US

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An extremely rare northern white rhino has died in the US, leaving only three others in the world. At San Diego Zoo the 41-year-old rhino, Nola, died after surgery on her hip on the 23rd November 2015.


The Northern White Rhinos are often very well protected due to such small numbers

As a result of Nola’s death there are only three other northern white rhinos in the world. They live in Kenya and are kept closely guarded. Experts say they blame poachers for the devastating drop in numbers of the northern white rhinos. They kill many rhinos just to get their horns which are worth a lot of money in some cultures. A zoo keeper told BBC news “Anyone caught poaching will face a massive fine.”

However, on the positive side there is hope that there may be more northern white rhinos born in the future. San Diego Zoo has recently brought in six southern white rhinos, hoping to use them as mothers to new northern white rhino calves and so maybe the number will increase. Zoo researchers are still working out if it’s possible, but they say they’re hopeful that a northern white rhino calf could be born within 10 to 15 years.

So we can see these innocent northern white rhinos have decreased massively in number yet there is still hope. Stop poaching before it becomes too late. Raise awareness now do it for the future.

Aydah, Year 9

Boston High School Newsroom

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