ELF The Musical

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It’s official; Christmas is less than 3 weeks away…

This causes me to pause in thought for a moment as I sit and type this, due to the familiar recollection that it doesn’t seem five minutes since it was Halloween, or summer for that matter. All I can say is it’s true what people say when they claim time flies and Christmas is closer than you think, trust me they’re not lying!

While a few have dusted off their trimmings already, the odd house already eagerly decking the halls for this holiday season in haste, many believe that it’s too early to start the festive celebrations just yet.

The smash hit show ‘ELF The Musical’ on the contrary has taken to the festive spirit like a ‘duck to water’, as for the very first time the critically acclaimed Broadway show hit London’s glittering West End at the renowned Dominion Theatre this October, continuing its run for a strictly limited season until the 2nd January 2016.

For many families every year, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without settling down in front of the TV to watch a good old festive classic; Elf is unarguably one of them.

Ben Forster as Buddy and Kimberley Walsh as Jovie in Elf credit Matt Crockett

Ben Forster as Buddy and Kimberley Walsh as Jovie

As many of you will already know (if you don’t please buy the DVD, you won’t regret it!), Elf The Musical is based on the much-loved 2003 family film ‘Elf’, starring comedy legend Will Ferrell as Buddy, an orphan who one Christmas Eve crawls into Santa’s gift sack and ends up at the North Pole, where for much of his life is raised by elves, causing him to think he’s one too! One day when he realises he’s human, Buddy travels to New York to find his real father Walter Hobbs (played by James Caan), and embarks on a journey not only to find himself, but to save the spirit of Christmas.

As I travelled down to London in October to see the show, at first I was a little sceptical about viewing such a festive favourite so early, especially at a time when Christmas was months away and even the high-street shops were still in the process of stacking their shelves with gifts for the season.

After seeing the show however, I did not need much convincing to get into the festive spirit regardless of the time of year, as ELF The Musical provided a magical performance, all the while encouraging the audience to discover their “inner elf”. Did I want to go throw snowballs and call someone a “cotton headed ninny-muggins” afterwards? As naughty as it sounds, yes I did!

Perhaps the musicals most commendable aspect is its transition from screen to stage, the real gems of the show of course being the main cast and ensemble who well and truly displayed the finesse of the theatre world.

Renowned actor Ben Forster brings a sense of acting splendour to the stage, taking up the reins as Buddy the elf to deliver a charismatic performance full of boundless energy, infectious humour and a lovable personality which easily matches the enthusiasm displayed by Ferrell twelve years ago (has it really been that long?).

Girls Aloud singer Kimberley Walsh and star of The Upper Hand Joe McGann similarly pulled off exceptional performances, bringing life and vigour to secret singer/toy-store worker Jovie and all-round bah-humbug/children’s book publisher Walter Hobbs.

Let’s not forget the musicals marvellous ensemble either, the all-singing all-dancing company cast proved to be a real treat with their elfish behaviour and dazzling costumes, which it can be said certainly added to the shows authenticity.

Despite the films many components and complex scenes, ELF The Musical managed to very much stay true to the original plotline, including memorable scenes such as Buddy’s syrup and spaghetti addiction and the fake Santa fight of Gimbels. Songs such as ‘A Christmas Song’, ‘World’s Greatest Dad’ and ‘Nobody cares about Santa’ however jazzed up the musical with all-new festive content, making the story of ‘Elf’ more unique and memorable than ever before.

So while it may not be Christmas just yet, ELF The Musical is a theatre show that embodies all that is festive and is sure to please children, adults and big kids alike, proving that there is an elf inside everyone, why not visit the show and discover it for yourself…

Melody Rawlinson, Yr 13

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One Response to ELF The Musical

  1. Sam December 5, 2015 at 8:34 am

    Excellent review Melody. I love Elf the Movie so the stage show sounds equally amazing.

    Looking forward to reading your next feature for YJA!

    YJA Managing Editor