Young Journalist Goes Global

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A member of our young journalist team, Jacqui, has recently emigrated to Bermuda, as her dad was offered a job on the island in the Atlantic Ocean.

The island is part of British territory and is located off the eastern coast of North America, and north of the Bahamas. Bermuda is most famous for its pink sand beaches and of course the Bermuda Triangle.

Jacqui has been recording her journey in Bermuda by video blogging the big change and her new experiences.  We have heard from her recently, and she has already settled in and has adapted to Bermuda life well. She said she “can’t wait for Christmas in another climate”,  and that she will be spending Christmas at the beach. An excited Jacqui was also quick to add, “I really miss all my school friends and wish they had YJA over here!” Recent updates have seen Jacqui receiving a role in the school’s play ‘Legally Blonde’ and watching the annual Christmas Boat Parade in Hamilton harbour.

bermuda boat parade

Santa sets sail!


Some of the boats on parade are amazing

Jacqui’s video diary is now being turned into a tv programme after being commissioned with Footstep Productions, an educational production company.  Colette, the founder of the company, flew out to Bermuda yesterday to see Jacqui and to begin filming the show.

So how did this big opportunity come about?

About a year ago, Jacqui met Colette after she came into YJA for another student. The pair kept in touch after Jacqui told her about her move to Bermuda.  Soon the idea of a programme following Jacqui was commissioned by WDR a public broadcaster in Germany. And now the idea is going full speed ahead!

Louisa & Kyra

Boston High School Newsroom