December 16th, not the best day to throw a birthday party

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Born of the 16th of December? Unlucky. A survey has found that the date, nine days before Christmas, is the most underrated birth date of the year.

To start with there’s the miserable cold weather, which refuses to snow but attempts to freeze your fingers off.  Not to mention the proximity to Christmas which sees many a Christmas party being organised and attended leaving people with little time to make an appearance at your birthday. Next follows the atrocity of “combined presents”. What you would have got at Christmas anyway but now it’s your Birthday present as well. Worse than that, if it can get any worse, is that if you actually receive the luxury of a separate present for your birthday it comes wrapped in Christmas paper… Do I even need to explain?

Of course there are exceptions such as if you’ve escaped the dull British weather to seek a sunny Christmas or are lucky enough to actually live there than the weather won’t be an issue. Also if you don’t celebrate Christmas or don’t live in a Christian country, no need to worry, better presents!

However you may be wondering why the 16th of December? What about the 17 others, before or after, even closer to Christmas?  The study doesn’t comment on this. Initiated by a flower company, they collected data from 2,000 people who were asked questions such as how many birthday presents they got and how many people came to their parties. The data is limited by the size as each day works out to be based on an average of five.  This means that by natural variation some days may only have data from one or two people, if any.

Some others who share the seemly unfortunate date are Ludwig van Beethoven (1770) Jane Austin (1775) Quentin Blake (1932) and Noël Coward (1899).

Don’t worry too much December babies, after all Christmas is just celebrating a birthday.

Jess Evans, 

Editor of Boston High Newsroom