Inside Skegness Aquarium

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Located just off Tower Esplanade, the Skegness Aquarium is one of the very latest east coast attractions.

It is a pirate themed aquarium; the storyline is that the great Hispaniola ship has crashed into Skegness pier and you walk through the wreckage of the ship.

A4It starts off with a pirate that introduces you to the captain of the ship on a television screen, then you are taken through to Long John Silver’s Store Room, where all of the Captain’s critters are held such as: rats, spiders, cockroaches, vinegaroons, frogs and more.

After this you continue on to Treasure Island, where there is a total of seven tanks but they are very large. The residents vary from little tiny clownfish to one-meter long sharks! There are chameleons too.

Next you go to the Main Tank named the Aqua Theatre, the Main Tank has hundreds of tropical fish and sharks including: Black Tip Reef Sharks, Zebra Sharks, Hound Sharks and lots more like Bat Rays.

Connected to the Aqua Theatre there is a Wet Lab where you can get up close and personal with the animals like crabs and Sea Stars. Next to this is Pirate School, here you can have your face painted or maybe do arts and crafts.

If you fancy a treat then you can head upstairs to Skegness Aquarium’s very own bistro that serves hot and cold food all day long, then after your main you can get a delicious desert.

Meanwhile downstairs the aquarium has a sea cave called the Sunken Hold where you can put your head into a tank and get a close look at the sea horses, and look at some predator and nocturnal fish.

Then finally you can walk through the tank under the water by going through the amazing tunnel that leads to the reception. Here you can see all of the fish very clearly and get lots of great photos.

When you get to the reception at the end you will have the chance to buy a photo that will have been taken at the beginning of the experience. After this you will have time to look round the gift shop and maybe write a comment in the comment book.

Then you can leave Skegness Aquarium with the feeling that you would like to visit again!

Listen to my interview with director Katrina Graham:

Louie, Year 6

Burgh School


2 Responses to Inside Skegness Aquarium

  1. admin January 5, 2016 at 11:14 pm

    You’ve really painted a vivid picture, Louie. I MUST visit this attraction in 2016!

    YJA Senior Editor

  2. Grace January 26, 2016 at 5:10 pm

    Great article Louie! You have described the aquarium really well. I have been there before and you have made me feel like I would like to go again!