Clubs going wrong with kids 

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Professional football teams are scouting what they hope are going to be football stars when they grow up. The problem is that when the youngsters are reaching the ages between 13 and 16 they are highly likely to be very disappointed.

Big clubs from the Premier League and Championship have been making great efforts to sign highly talented youngsters. They have been saying that they will sign a contract to pay for them to go to a private school, and one of the clubs has even said they will buy the teenagers’ parents a home!

In England, there are around 12,500 players in the youth academy; 1 in two hundred of under 9s are signed to play in the their club’s first team.

Jamie Vardy is a well-known example of someone who has gone on to achieve great things in the Premier League. He was released by Sheffield Wednesday at the age of 16 for being too small! Fleetwood Town saw his potential and later sold him to Leicester in 2012 but he was one of the lucky few that have made it through the ranks. Another is superstar Harry Kane, who has blossomed for Tottenham Hotspur and England.

Talent ID manager Nick Levett stated commented, “Anyone who tells you that they can spot a five-year-old child is basically lying.”

How do you think academies could introduce a fairer way of allowing more highly talented youngsters in?


Will,Year 5

Heighington Millfield Primary Academy

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