New band on the block

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Prestige Management have started to manage a new band called New Hope Club. They’re quite new and have started uploading covers on YouTube for their new fans to see.


The Vamps are helping the New Hope boys by taking them on their World Tour this year.

The band consists of three boys, Blake Richardson(16), George Smith(16) and Reece Bibby(17). Blake and George play the guitar, Reece plays drums and bass guitar and they all sing. Prestige Management also manage the highly successful band The Vamps. This has meant that the two bands have become good friends. New Hope Club actually feature in The Vamps’ new music video for ‘Rest Your Love‘.

New Hope Club were recently signed to Virgin EMI’s record label, the same label as The Vamps. The New Hope Club boys will be joining The Vamps on their World tour next year so look out for them.

The boys are also dedicated to their fans. When fans send them messages over social media networking sites they usually reply which is good to see from a new band and will no doubt help build their fanbase.

Check out their Facebook page New Hope Club and to see their latest cover of 1D’s History click here. Have a look at the New Hope Club boys in action in The Vamps’ music video below.

Milly, Year 9

Walton Girls’ YJA Newsroom

One Response to New band on the block

  1. Milly January 28, 2016 at 2:50 pm

    New Hope Club are a really good band and I’m sure they will become big!