Tricks of the trade

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Today the newsroom was busier than normal as we had two documentary makers in to visit us. Colette and Len from Footstep Productions. They both work for an educational film company based in London and have come in today to chat to the YJA students about some filming opportunities, and of course to share some of their knowledge with the team.


Len & Colette being quizzed by eager Young Journalists.

This is not the first time Colette and Len have been to the Boston Newsroom, they were here last year making a documentary about Boston High School student Kyra. Year 10 sports fanatic Kyra met and interviewed her sports hero and BBC Sports presenter Jacqui Oatley. This time around Footstep productions are creating a set of documentaries charting the journey of a YJA Boston high student that has emigrated to Bermuda.

The whole team sat in on a real life production meeting with Len & Colette and chatted about some of the scenarios that could possibly be filmed over the coming year. Parts of the documentary will feature ‘things to do in Bermuda’, and foods that are popular there, for example did you know that Bermudans enjoy a breakfast of fried banana! All this will be compared with what people in Boston would eat and also some of the things Boston has to offer, like the historic landmark of Boston Stump. Poppy from the YJA newsroom told us, “It was brilliant to have some documentary experts come in to teach us some tips and tricks of the trade, I learnt loads!”

It was very interesting to hear how some ideas come into creation and the amount of work and passion needed to get a project off the ground.
We asked Len how he got into being a documentary storyteller ? He told us, “It all started many years ago when I worked for the BBC, along with my passion for Geography I got into still photography and it quickly turned into a career filming.”

Sophie from the YJA newsroom said, “I thought today was really fun and I learnt lots of interesting things. We were given lots of useful tips that will help us all.”

Year 7 YJA Team

Boston High School Newsroom