Segway Fire Risk

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A lot of people got Segways for Christmas but now wish that they hadn’t.

Over the past couple of weeks, hundreds of youngsters have reported that their Segways (two-wheeled, self-balancing, battery-powered electric vehicle) have caught fire when they have been riding them or when their new means of transport has been charging.

These popular toys are powered by lithium ion battery packs. Unfortunately, the liquid inside is highly flammable, especially if the battery short-circuits.

After all the adverse publicity, many owners have discarded their hover boards and are very relieved that they have not been injured. Some stores are even refusing to stock these items.

A Tesco spokesman said: ” We’ve suspended the sale of all hover boards both in store and online as a precautionary measure.”

One very upset owner said, “All of a sudden white smoke started coming out of the Segway board. Then all of a sudden it explodes and goes boom.”

Certainly, many people will be delaying buying these popular toys until the problems are resolved.

This is another setback for the Segway makers. Recently, the Crown Prosecution Service declared that in the UK the product should only be operated on private land.


Jake,Year 5

Cottesmore Millfield Academy


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  5. admin January 19, 2016 at 7:46 pm

    Great article Jake. I saw a young lad ‘riding’ one of these in Lincoln before Christmas time (which I believe is illegal to ride one on pavements) and he didn’t look that stable on it.

    Within the last few days a video was uploaded to YouTube showing someone unboxing a brand new one and once it was turned on it immediately burst in to flames…Scary!

    YJA Managing Editor

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