Have you ‘Got What It Takes’?

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Got_What_It_Takes_CBBC has got a new show called ‘Got What it Takes’. The show is presented by Lauren Platt and the twist is that the mums are the judges so it’s harder than you would think.

Every week the children are given a song to learn, the kids are also given a musical challenge they have had to learn how to dance in this episode the child that does the best goes into the sing off.

The mums have also have challenges set and these challenge earn them points. Those points are only for that episode only – the mum with the most points gives the child a pass to the ‘sing off’.

By Joe

Manor Leas Junior Academy

One Response to Have you ‘Got What It Takes’?

  1. Maddy May 26, 2016 at 7:29 pm

    I love that show, great article 😎😎😎