Martin Has Another Dream

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If you’ve ever wondered what a kaleidoscope would sound like if it was converted into music form, then take a listen to Coldplay’s latest album, A Head Full of Dreams.

CP2Bursting with vibrancy and energy, the Superband’s latest project signifies a new chapter in their already world-renowned book. Some critics will doubtless accuse Coldplay of surrendering their sound to the electronic dance era, while others may attack the album’s consistently upbeat themes and tones. But is this not what we need more of in the 21st Century? It seems to me that the main, overwhelming message of A Head Full of Dreams is why wallow in the despair of heartbreaks, why whine about the imperfections of life, when you could be dancing?

Quite rightly, the reds, sapphires, magentas and the gleaming golds dominate the spectrum. Just when we think we are about to see the mood slowed down with indigos and royal blues, we are soon reminded that this is not an album for reflection and agonising over past regrets, rather a carnival, celebrating the present and looking forward to experiencing the future.

The title track, A Head Full of Dreams, encapsulates the party atmosphere, and the elegant yet bouncy Birds and the anthemic Hymn For the Weekend maintain the euphoria. Although these momentous tracks will gain most of the attention, along with the lead single Adventure of a Lifetime, for me the jewel of the piece is Everglow, a touching ode to Chris Martin’s ex-wife, Gwyneth Paltrow. It explores the warmth and immortality of the memories we take from past relationships, and the fact that Paltrow lends her vocals to part of the song proves this point that not all breakups have to end in rancour.

Detractors may work themselves up into a lather over the British group’s emergence from the chrysalis. While the naysayers huddle in the gloomy shadows cast by dim, flickering lightbulbs, Coldplay bask in the lustrous light and warmth of their new utopia.

Well, I know where I’d rather be.


Maxim Mower

YJA Senior Correspondent

One Response to Martin Has Another Dream

  1. admin February 1, 2016 at 9:21 pm

    Great write-up Maxim. I much prefer the more fluid and creative style of review you have adopted here than the usual anodyne ones that often get published.

    YJA Managing Editor