Fran’s Football Focus: 9

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ballAround school this week, Year 6 Fran, from Heighington Millfield Primary Academy, has been listening out for the most interesting footy chit chat to include in his series. Here are the stories that he’s chosen for his latest gossip column:


Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo, 31, and 29-year-old defender Sergio Ramos, who have been linked with moves to Manchester United, have handed in transfer requests at the Spanish club.

Manchester United are, allegedly, ready to offer £115m to sign the pair this summer.

Meanwhile, the Red Devil’s interest in a £62m move for Napoli’s 28-year-old Argentine striker Gonzalo Higuain is now rivalled by a potential bid from Liverpool.

Barcelona’s Argentina forward Lionel Messi, 28, says he would like to return to play in his homeland at some stage of his career.

Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany tweeted his side will bounce back from their 3-0 defeat at Liverpool on Wednesday:






My favourite newspaper headline of the week was produced by The Sun:




From guest contributor Year 5 Will:

5Chelsea are extremely close to getting Antonio Conte, after Roman Abramovich anticipated face-to-face meeting in Monte Carlo.

Conte, 46-years-old, is currently the team coach of international football team Italy. The Sun newspaper claim that the two will shake hands on the deal on Roman’s yacht moored in Monte Carlo.

Ex-English boss Fabio Capello thinks the move will be a success if Antonio can learn the full language.

One fellow pupil, who is a keen and knowledgeable Chelsea supporter, said: “I think Chelsea are doing OK in the league, so I wouldn’t mind either way!”

And finally a snippet from Louis in Year 6:

6After the Man United­ – Arsenal game last week, the youngster Rashford from the Man United academy proved himself by scoring two goals, one from a one header and then a half volley from inside the box.

The 18-year-old also scored twice in a Europa league against FC Midtjylland, showing Van Gaal that he has the potential to rank with the best.

Even though he’s only played three matches, Rashford is already setting all sorts of records. He scored with four of his first five shots on target as a Man United player!

Might Marcus Rashford be the future of Manchester United?






2 Responses to Fran’s Football Focus: 9

  1. Harry March 10, 2016 at 2:01 pm

    Great article can’t wait to see if Manchester united sign Cristiano Ronaldo and Sergio Ramos if they do they are gonna trash them next season.

  2. Keane March 10, 2016 at 6:46 pm

    This is such a great article. I think Rashford will make a massive difference for Manchester United!