World’s most expensive trainers go on sale

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Some incredibly expensive trainers have just been exhibited in New York.

The amazing footwear is the result of a collaboration between New York lifestyle label Bicion and trainer designer Dan Gamache of Mache Custom Kicks.

They are blue and are covered in white diamond pieces and hundreds of sapphires and it has even got a solid gold tag. Named “The Fire Monkey” they  take inspiration from the Chinese New Year and are designed to highlight the technical and design capabilities of Bicion.

Designer, Dan Gamache said: “ To have the opportunity to have designed the most expensive trainers in the world feels amazing; I know that these sneakers will help children put on their shoes it really makes my work and everything I have done worth it!”

S2These special trainers have a blue, white and gold flower pattern on the upper shoe as shown opposite. They also have diamond-dipped agelts on the laces.

So how much will they cost you? Hold your breath, well you won’t get much change from three million pounds! But a good cause is involved.

Proceeds from the sale will be donated to Soles4Souls  – a charity that aims to combat poverty through the collection and distribution of clothing



Casey, Year 6

Burgh School

2 Responses to World’s most expensive trainers go on sale

  1. Mrs Gould April 13, 2016 at 10:46 pm

    Three million pounds will help a lot of people to combat poverty. Let’s hope someone has plenty of money and a kind heart to help the cause. Thank you for writing this article Casey.

  2. Matt Gough October 14, 2017 at 6:46 pm

    I’m going to follow someone round when I find out who’s bought a pair. A few of those diamonds could catch each other and leave a nice trail for me to pick up and cash in. That would be the closest that I would ever get to being able to afford anything like that. Congratulations to anyone who has or is going to get a pair. You must have done really well for yourself, not only to be able to afford them but to have enough money to be able to buy them and not be bankrupt afterwards.