DRAKE SCOOP: Did Apple Just Reveal The Release Date for Drake’s New Album?

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d2Earlier this week, Toronto rapper Drake dropped two more singles from his upcoming album, Views From the Sixth. Despite the spontaneity and understatement of the releases, the songs were gobbled up by his loyal army of fans, with One Dance reaching number one on the iTunes charts.

Ultimately, however, these songs amount to nothing more than one Martini and a few cigars of asparagus. The thing that every Drake fan – and every Apple executive – is pining for is the highly anticipated main course, one that when it arrives will feel like a luscious, mouth-watering banquet. We await the succulence of an album that has been promised and postponed for months, which has only served to strengthen the craving.

But alas, fellow musical connoisseurs, we still have no release date for Views From the Sixth.

Or do we?

As more mysterious Drake-themed billboards pop up around the world – the latest being a ‘6’ projected onto the side of London’s Royal Opera House – the case of the missing album becomes ever more mysterious and thrilling. He’s teasing us. But have we caught Mrs. Peacock red-handed with the candlestick in the library?

Interestingly, Apple may have just given us the biggest hint yet as to when our thirst for Views will be slaked, though it appears to have gone completely under the media’s radar.

The second of Drake’s new singles, Pop Style, which was released exclusively on iTunes and Apple Music, had a rather curious date attached to it. It hit the virtual shelves on the 5th April, along with One Dance. But…iTunes seems to claim it was released on the 17th April. Hmm…! Could this be the album release date we’re all waiting for? Drake has already hinted that Views will drop this month, so has Apple slipped up and given us the final piece of the jigsaw?

Can I, Maxim Mower, claim a scoop? Or is it merely a typo?


Maxim Mower, YJA Senior Correspondent