Fancy blogging for the NHS?

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North Kesteven School in Lincoln has always been a big supporter of YJA and over the years has sought to give their Young Journalist team as many opportunities as possible. This week has been no different as the school has been chatting to Kelly Waldie from the Social Marketing team at the NHS and Kelly has offered our Young Journos the opportunity to write some blog entries for their Healthy Teens website. The team at NK began planning and writing their blogs yesterday and hopefully if they are good enough their work will soon appear on yet another popular website platform.

I asked Kelly if Young Journalists from other schools could enter and what they could write about ? She was more than happy to take blog entries from all of you YJA guys. Kelly gave me a wide range of subjects that you could write about. Below are a few to get you thinking! If you are interested then just speak to your YJA mentor about the opportunity.

· Legal highs/alcohol/binge drinking

· Healthy relationships/consent/domestic abuse

· Bullying/cyberbullying

· Sexual health/teenage pregnancy/sexual attraction & orientation

· Online safety

· Self-harm

· Boosting self-esteem

· The role of young carers
It really is up to you the Young Journalists of YJA. If there is a topical issue that you are passionate about then get typing.

To get an idea of what is already up on their site take a look at


YJA Co-Editor