HMP – Boston High

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It’s that time of the year again when Year 13’s from across the country start to realise that school is coming to an end. Of course for many University or College beckons but in the mean time students from Boston High School decided that for ‘Muck Up Day’ they would turn their school into a prison for the day!


Some of the ‘prisoners’ causing havoc!!

With 6th Form prisoners running amok and teachers classrooms decked in police tape and prison cell decoration the school looked fabulous. Head of 6th From Mrs Collingwood said, “An amazing morning, they will be sadly missed. One of the most memorable Muck Up Days.”


A student replaces Boston High’s receptionist for the 6th From Review!

Some of the students were understandably sad about leaving school after so many fun filled years. Chas from Yr13 said, “It has been a great day so far, the school looked awesome this morning and I think the teachers enjoyed it too! Me and my friends have spent so many good days here at Boston High, some stressful and exam filled and others jam packed full of great lessons and great experiences, I will actually miss this place!”

As well as the prison themed hi-jinx students also took part in the 6th Form Review. A tradition whereby Year 13 students dress up and act out sketches as their favourite teachers. This as you can imagine goes down a storm. Saadia from Yr13 said, “It was hilarious, I really enjoyed the whole performance and it will be a memory I take with me.”

Boston High School Newsroom