Judith the dinosaur discovered in America

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In America two new species of dinosaur has been discovered and one of them is nicknamed Judith. 

Judith was actually discovered a decade ago in Montana, in a place called The Judith River Rock, hence the reason that people call this dinosaur Judith. She was found by novice fossil collector Bill Shipp but it’s only just been confirmed that Judith represents a new kind of spectacularly horned dinosaur.

“I found it accidentally on purpose,” Shipp said. “I was actually looking for dinosaur bones, but with no expectation of actually finding any.”

J2The real name for this peculiar dinosaur is the tongue- twisting Spiclypeus shipporum.

Experts think that Judith was about 4.5m long, had big horns sticking out to the side over its eyes and spikes at the back of its head that pointed in different directions.

They also have some kind of flat plates at the top of their head to scare of predators, fooling them that they have four eyes.

The other dinosaur discovered in the same location was the Machairoceratops, which was almost twice as long as Judith. Scientists say it had two large spikes coming out of its head, horns over its eyes and possibly a horn over its nose.

Both dinosaurs were relatives of the Triceratops and were four- legged, plant-munching beasts that are thought to have lived over 74 million years ago.

These specimens are still being examined in labs across America so there might be some more facts coming soon.


Louis, Year 6

Heighington Millfield Primary Academy

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  1. charlie June 9, 2016 at 7:02 pm

    Amazing article Louis, who knew that there were still two species of dinosaurs left on Earth.Well done!