Murray’s Beijing loss set him on the road to glory

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In Andy Murray’s second round game of Wimbledon 2016 there may be a very warm handshake with his opponent.

The name Yen-Hsun Lu, in all probability, won’t sound familiar to you, but he has changed Andy Murray’s career as a professional tennis player and it all came from one of Andy Murray’s worst defeats in his career.

The Scot entered the tournament in the 2008 Olympics all joyful and elated – until the Chinese professional broke Andy Murray’s heart after losing in the very first round.

After that game, it made Andy Murray rethink what he was doing so that match started off his journey in to becoming a world-class tennis player.

“Obviously in Beijing I lost to him in the first round, which was really tough,” Murray quoted to BBC Scotland. “I have learnt from that loss. I become more professional after that devastating game. I was so pumped to be participating in the Olympics; I think that excitement took over what I am actually capable of doing.”

After the disappointment of Beijing, Andy Murray has become a true professional and is now rated the second best player in world tennis.


Ryan, Year 6

Heighington Millfield Primary Academy

One Response to Murray’s Beijing loss set him on the road to glory

  1. admin June 30, 2016 at 4:59 pm

    No danger of that result being repeated at Wimbledon today, Ryan. Easy 3-0 win for Murray.

    YJA Senior Editor